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Contact Information

Have you read the Boxer Health page found on this website in its entirety?if not please do so before continuing.

Personal Information

Have you ever owned a Boxer before?
What activity level are you comfortable with in a dog?
Do you plan to participate on any of the following activities with your Boxer?
If you are not planning on breeding or showing, would you be willing to wait to have your Boxer, spayed, or neutered until the appropriate age of 18 months or older?
Are all the members of the household comfortable around the presence of a puppy that could nip, jump and chew during its training stages?
Are you comfortable with a breed that sheds and slobbers moderately?
Are you prepared to carry Pet Health Insurance or maintain an adequate savings account, or qualify for a dedicated credit card to cover emergency Vet bills that may arise throughout the life of your pet?
Are you willing to provide, and aware of the cost involved to provide a quality, approved food to your dog? What do you expect to spend per 30# bag?answer both questions by choosing below
Are you currently on the waiting list for any other litters?
Are you interested in being contacted about rescue dogs or older dogs needing placement if we should come across the dog we feel would suit your needs?
Do you own or rent your home?
Type of Dwelling?
If you are renting or live in a condo, do you have your landlords or condo associations permission to keep a dog?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Where will this dog spend the day?choose all that apply?
By checking this box and submitting this form you confirm all information provided above is accurate to the best of your knowledge
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