From time to time here at PR Boxers we have retired Guys & Gals ready to share the remainder of their days with a lucky family, young adults that we may have  decided to part with due to going a different direction with the program, or others that may have been brought back to PRB due to life changes of their families. We are also always looking for Guardian Homes for the active breeding age dogs in the program. Guardian Homes get to share their lives with a quality, noble amazing member of the PRB pack as if they were their own, but make them available to PRB for breeding duties when needed until they are approx 5 yrs of age, when they retire from the program. This allows the dog to grow up in/ live in more of a family setting, instead of a multi dog household. For more details on the Guardian Home Program contact us. We have a Retirement and Gurdian Home waiting list, so please contact us if you may be interested in letting an amazing PRB wiggle butt grace your couch! 

Retired and Available

Trinity & Torianna

Meet Trinity (spayed) and Torianna. They are full sisters, 6 yrs old, descended from prestigious German lines. These two are like living with royalty and are laid back couch potatoes for the most part. They have been together all their lives so I’m concerned about splitting them up and would prefer they go together. Being so bonded they need to go to a home with no other female dogs, and having never been introduced, also no smaller dogs or cats either. Would probably do okay with another male or two of at least medium to large size. Would be willing to attempt to split them up on a trial basis. They love toys and lounging with their people. Love affection and feeding time! We will be offering a generous discount on a future puppy to anyone willing to give these girls a forever castle to rule during their retirement. 

Young Adults or Older Pups

MMM Purple collar female -
Van x Wrayne litter - BD Oct 31st, 2023

     Misty (Mystical _______von Paradise) proposed name.

Seeking Co-Own/Permanent Guardian home  3 hrs from Topeka, KS

This girl is very Intelligent and super eager to please. Quiet and well mannered while being inquisitive and adventurous. Doesn’t have a high level of confidence yet but has the desire. Very gentle and loving, in your pocket personality. Health Tested parents, Health Guarantee, microchipped, current vet work, mostly housebroken, looking for that perfect forever home. Her sire Van is approaching retirement and we do not have any offspring of his yet to carry on. So at this time we would like to retain the possibility of a future litter from her until such time as we are able to obtain another Van offspring to carry on his legacy here at PRB. We may never use her, but I need to know I can if needed. Would be a one time thing, if ever. She deserves more attention than we can give at the moment, or I would just keep her.

"Soon" to be Retired and Accepting Applications

Complete Puppy Application expressing interest in future available Boxers, then contact us by phone.
We keep a waitlist of interested parties for our upcoming available Boxers.

Ausha is not available except in a SD capacity.

Ausha will have one more litter for PRB sometime in 2023. She is 5 yrs old. She will then possibly be Available for a retirement home ONLY with the right fit where she can be a blessing to someone with a similar need. Ausha has been training and serving as my Service Dog since she was a year old in a PTSD capacity. She is amazing in Public Access and has been almost everywhere. She routinely accompanies me to Walmart  and every other store in Town in a normal shopping capacity and has also been to Dr and Physical Therapy appts as well. She has been to the St Louis zoo, restaurants, all the big box stores and small crowded boutique shops as well.  She has a natural DPT (deep pressure therapy) instinct which she utilizes with a lean or hug. Awesome crowd control and alert. In a relaxed, non close contact environment she will heel to side while walking, lay at feet or apart when browsing/resting, if someone approaches she first alerts (Alert to Approach) with a sit at leash length. will then progress to a stand and circle, (Guard, provide Barrier). If pushed will move to alert handler with leg bump or a lean and or hand contact. In continued crowded conditions will provide DPT lean and redirection if she senses anxiety. Walking in crowds she will transition to follow or lead and sometimes divert to alternate route. Potties on cue. Most of her training is Public Access, she does not work at home, and is  self trained. Willl need acclimation refresher training to switch handlers and probably formal obedience. As she only has situation specific training. I will keep her myself if a good fit does not present itself. But if the right fit comes along I can attempt to begin to train additional needed tasks and if locations permit allow or begin handler transfer training. While she has been an amazing fit for me, the fact that we have a multi dog household in order to produce these amazing pups means she shares attention at home like the rest do. I feel she is capable of making an amazing partner for someone that can repay her with more one on one attention. I work with as many of our girls as possible on Public access and whatever tasks or direction they seem to be most suited for so that they can possibly serve a better purpose and be a blessing to the retirement homes they land in. I’m currently working with a past pup we hope becomes my granddaughters service dog who has mild CP, so if there is a divine match for Ausha out there, I certainly won’t stand in the way. 

Home must have no other female dogs or small dogs or cats and a 6 foot fenced yard. She does not have issues with other dogs in public to my knowledge, no issues in our encounters anyway. But I never went out of my way to push the issue and would take another route when possible due to not trusting the other pets reactions. Ausha is great with kids and is a super “Auntie” to the puppies but does take issue with some female dogs in the same household. Fine with non alpha males. Prefer a home where someone is home most of the time. 

Q Baby is not yet available-taking applications.

Q Baby von Paradise. 3 yr old female available to Guardian or Co-Own home only, where she can come back here for one or two more litters.. This girl is my Dream dog! Unfortunately, life isnt affording me the ability to spend as much time with her as she needs. EXTREMELY Intelligent girl that is being wasted here. She has beginning Public Access Service dog training. Learns anything you want to teach her in a matter of minutes. Has been started on communication buttons. Would excel at agility, service work, scent work, search and rescue, or anything else you want to do with her. Just let her tag along and she will amaze you! All that Intelligence needs an outlet and I have too much going on to properly give her what she needs. I want to keep her in the program so she can pass on all those qualities but it needs to be under a different roof. If you are looking for an amazing life partner and live within 3 hrs of Topeka Ks give me a ring. 

Liberty is available late 2023, early 2024-taking applications.

PRB Liberty Bell. Libby is a 5 yr old female who has had amazing litters for us. She will be retired late 2023, early 2024. This girl is the epitome of Homebody Couch potato. Loves to just hangout and provide affection. Likes a routine quiet, stay at home life. Very cuddly, sweet and loving. Gets along with most other dogs. Makes no waves or wrong moves. Playful but lazy. She is a Torianna daughter and could be in the same home as Trinity and Tori as they do well together if anyone would like to let 3 fantastic regal Queens share their couch! JK…A girl can dream right? Can go alone as well. Just as regal, loving and well mannered as her mother. An honor to be in her presence. Pet only..

Ubbe von Paradise

             Ubbe  von Paradise.     3 yr old intact male. 

                          Fully Health Tested. Proven. 

This boy didn’t get the memo that Boxers are supposed to be energetic and bouncy! Born and Bred here at PRB and is the most laid back Intact male I’ve ever came across. Super gentle and respectful with his space with the exception of the Boxer lean…He will not bump you or jump on you is gentle and honorable. Loves to play fetch!!! Friendly, affectionate and gorgeous! He has everything temperament related you would want in a stud dog. Unfortunately, he is not the color I need in the program as he appears to be classic but is genetically flashy. If I had all the time and space in the world he would never leave as you cant ask for a better behaved dog I have to be able to give enough attention to them all and juggling multiple intact males gets tricky. I want him in a Guardian/Co-Own or private sale with retained breeding rights to age 7. His pedigree is as impeccable and amazing as his temperament and he would be an incredible asset to any program. Not color locked or brindle dominant as he did produce fawns on a flashy reverse brindle female. along with a gorgeous white puppy, much to my surprise! Housebroke, crate trained, always lived inside. I want him in a home where he gets ample attention and alot of fetch games! Within 3 hrs of Topeka KS only. (give or take) Pet home preferred but must stay intact and available. Will consider small, quality indoor breeding program. Has matured beautifully since these early pics that don’t do him justice. Very big boy! was 80lbs by 1 yr of age. Lots of substance and very correct. Sweet, loving, cuddly, friendly, respectful by nature. Fantastic producer. What more can you ask for? Private Treaty. May be willing to forego retained breeding rights for the perfect permanent pet home.