Aspiring to improve the breed with every litter by blending the best bloodlines from Europe and the US to create the perfect Boxer. Emphasis on Health, Temperament, Conformation, Brains and Beauty. We have puppies in most all of the states in the US and have several who serve as either Service, Therapy, Support or Search and Rescue animals. Lifetime breeder support follows every puppy born here. We offer Health Guarantees, Health Tested Parents, Microchipping, Live Puppy Cams, and Temperament Evaluations to insure a good fit for your family and lifestyle. Add good looks, incredible intelligence, awesome laid back, well mannered temperaments and amazing color variations to the picture and its hard to go wrong. 20 years experience breeding Boxers, with a prior 15 years in Animal Rescue, and 12 years as a Vet tech along with tons of hours spent researching the Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Genetic components of raising the Healthiest Boxer possible have contributed to a successful program backed by very happy customers with rave reviews. Our Boxers are our pets and live inside as part of the family. We raise most of our own breeding stock to insure a consistent outcome in Health and Temperament. Our Boxers enjoy life on 50 secluded acres. Extra emphasis on a correct start to life via Proper Nutrition, Immune System Health, Physical and Physchological Health that begins in the womb and continues through moment of birth, nursing, weaning and beginning training and socialization techniques have helped to ensure the many happy success stories of our constantly growing “Boxer” family! Repeat buyers make up a good portion of our business as does word of mouth advertising. Get on the waiting list now and join the PR Boxer family! You’ve got Boredom to lose and endless Love and Entertainment to gain by adding an amazing PR Boxer to your family!